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Proudly located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, for over 30 years Westlund Dental Studio has perfected the art of handcrafted, high-quality, esthetic restorations. Our fixed restorations are perfect for patients seeking both form and function. Each esthetic restoration we craft offers outstanding reliability and receives the finest attention to detail which can only be found in our family-owned-and-operated laboratory. Our personalized care, friendly customer service, and superior level of restorative quality have allowed us to continue building lasting relationships with clinicians around the country.

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What people are saying about Westlund Dental Studio:

There is nothing more important to a cosmetic dentist than working with a master ceramist.  I have been honored over the last decade to have Westlund Dental Studio as my partner in creating amazing smiles for my family and friends.  Their professionalism, reliability and incredible artistry has led  them to becoming an integral part of my team and makes it easy for me to recommend them to my dental colleagues looking to enhance their level of cosmetic care.

Dr. Corey Jensen, DDS
Smile Design Dentistry

Not only have I had the extreme pleasure to work with Westlund Dental Studio clinically, they have also been intimately involved in several of my hands-on, live patient treatment programs. This participation has helped them develop a keen eye for the subtleties that can make the difference between a nice result and an unbelievably beautiful smile. Their approachability and artistic skill make it very easy for me to recommend them to anyone.

David Hornbrook, DDS
The Hornbrook Group

For many years, we were proud to have our own in-house lab. We worked hard to deliver custom crowns, veneers and bridges for our patients. But, now with Westlund, our life is much easier. We send impressions with digital photos and models of temporaries. We get back superior esthetic work which literally fits—every time! We can deliver 15 to 22 units without adjusting a single contact and barely adjusting occlusion.
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Daniel J. Deutsch, DDS
Peter Rinaldi, DMD
Washington Center for Dentistry

Westlund Dental Laboratory, in their commitment to saving fee for service industry, has been involved in providing laboratory work for dentists going through the program. They were chosen to participate due to this commitment and their dedication to dramatically improve their own technical skills instead of being complacent about their already successful business.

William Dickerson, DDS
Las Vegas Institute

"I know of very few laboratories in the country who have made the commitment to quality and building relationships that Westlund has!"

Frank Spear, DDS, MSD | Spear Education

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