About Us

About Us

Westlund Dental Studio has provided laboratory support for some of the first live patient clinical programs ever conducted. It is through this training that Westlund has evolved into one of the finest cosmetic labs in the country, and we continue this commitment today. Watching thousands of our restorations being seated chairside has given us the advantage of seeing our cases implemented by clinicians time and time again. The unique perspective we receive gives us a unique insight that our competitors simply do not possess. With every case you receive from Westlund, you will notice our signature of excellence and ceaseless dedication to providing the most esthetic restorations available.

Industry Achievements

Westlund Dental Studio has had the great honor of providing laboratory support for esthetic programs at Baylor University, Las Vegas Institute, PAC Live, and The Hornbrook Group. We have recieved personal instruction from some of the masters of esthetic dentistry such as Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Tom Trinkner, Dr. William Dickerson, and Dr. Larry Rosenthal, and continue to provide the most esthetic restorations to clinicians nationwide.

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